#readersofwichita: Evie


#readersofwichita: Evie, age 8 (about to be 9), attended our Camp that Shall Not Be Named day camp. “It was the best day of my whole life!” She’s read all the Harry Potter books five times. “I’ve always loved magical things,” she said.

#readersofwichita: Weston

#readersofwichita: “I can’t decide what book I’m going to get! It’s so hard to choose just one!” said 8-year-old Weston. Weston is a huge fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series: “One of the books has 217 pages,” he told us. His favorite Wimpy Kid book is “Dog Days,” and he’s very much looking forward to the upcoming Diary of a Wimpy Kid 13: The Meltdown,” which will be released in October.

#readersofwichita: Bella

#readersofwichita: “Reading makes me relaxed, and then the stories also get me excited,” said 10-year-old Bella. As an avid reader who loves the “Wings of Fire” series, she strongly recommends it to other readers: “Once you read the first book, you won’t want to stop.”

#readersofwichita: Luke

#readersofwichita: Luke, age 2, loves anything to do with animals (as you can see). “We’ve read to him pretty much since he was born,” said his mom, Meagan. “We read to his big sisters, and Luke is always there.”

#readersofwichita: Isabelle

#readersofwichita: Isabelle, age 2 (“But I’m going to be 3 soon!”), has been coming to Blue Baboon Books for a year now. We first met her when she and her dad would visit our temporary location in New Market Square, and we’ve loved watching her blossom. Her favorite books are “Pete the Cat” and “Pig the Pug.” Also, “I like cuddling with mom and dad when we read stories,” she said. When pressed for more information during our interview, Ms. Izzy politely said: “I’m trying to build.”

#readersofwichita: Lex

#readersofwichita: “It’s about a world where a tyrant has taken over, and a ship with an all-women crew are battling are battling him,” said 18-year-old Lex, one of our Blue Baboon Books team members, of “Seafire” by Natalie C. Parker. “I really like the strong female characters and the original, fresh storyline. It doesn’t follow the typical hero’s journey monomyth. “Seafire” will be one of the books featured at our Book Tasting Party.